Welcome to a new way of listening to Midi files
Enjoy a full professional sound suitable for live backing performance. Enjoy Yamaha XG patches, effects and controller events where applicable. Use your Yamaha XG MIDI sound module or Yamaha XG keyboard to its full potential. All files are playable on Roland GS gear with minimal editing (usually the drums require this). Enjoy a proper and musically correct ending (no fade outs). All MIDI files contain a mutable vocal track (most with embedded lyrics on this track). If required, custom made MIDI files can be sequenced to a specific key or tempo. Catalogue contains some extremely rare MIDI files not found on any other website. All MIDI files are constructed note by note and are not based on any form of template. Short demo files are available in MIDI format for you to test on your equipment before purchase.
MIDI files from the existing catalogue are available for purchase for the low price of $AU8.00 per file.
Click here to request demo and quote. Click here to request demo and quote.
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Note: Delivery of MIDI files is via your registered PayPal email address. Please make sure this is a valid, working email address, otherwise delivery will not occur.