Request Custom MIDI
If you need a custom MIDI sequence, then here is what happens.. As there are times in which my production queue can be quite lengthy, please check my current project list to get an idea of how long your file will take to sequence. Current project list Please fill out a MIDI request form letting me know the artist and title of the song(s) required. I may ask you to send me an MP3 of the file. I then send you a short demonstration file for you to test on your own equipment along with a quote. Please make sure this testing is done BEFORE giving the go-a-head to complete the file. If the file plays correctly on your own equipment or you can edit it to play correctly and you accept the quote, then the MIDI file sequencing continues. Once the file is complete, a PayPal invoice is emailed for the agreed amount. Once confirmation of payment has been received, the completed MIDI file will be emailed to the email address on your PayPal profile. Please make sure this is a valid and working email address, otherwise, delivery will not occur. After about twelve months the MIDI file may be made available for general purchase. Please indicate at any time if you do not wish for this to occur.
Notes: The cost per custom MIDI ranges from $AU80.00 to $AU180.00 depending on the length and complexity of the song. The cost may be higher if the song is longer than around 7 minutes.. All MIDI files have the vocal track on track 14 (You can specify that you wish to have this muted) If applicable, most MIDI files have embedded lyrics on the vocal track. There may be some older files where the lyrics have not been added. For such files, these can be added free of charge if required. All MIDI files will have a proper ending instead of a fade out at the end. To accurately reproduce effects, sounds and drum parameters, etc, by default, MIDIs will be produced using XG standards. These may require some editing to play back on a GS module - especially the drums. Please Let me know if you specifically need GS. Note, that after editing for GS, some effects may not be possible. Sometimes there is a large queue in progress so please allow some time for the requested MIDI to be produced. The average MIDI takes up to 20 hours of solid editing time to compete. While delivery is usually instantaneous, please allow at least 12 hours for the completed MIDI to be delivered after making payment. Also, do not forget to check your spam folder if you have not received it.